Honda Grand Prix 5K

Team Hea and Bria cannot be stopped! We had such fun doing the 5K together last Friday evening. We did a decent time of 27:20 or something close to that. No chips but a close estimate. It's a very good time for me.

The Honda Grand Prix track is put up throughout the streets of downtown St Pete. We run where the cars race. It's a neat and different experience. This year was thankfully cooler and less humid than last year.

Still sweaty, we went to dinner afterward at a St Pete staple, Harvey's. A friend we saw at the race joined us, hubby stopped bathroom rebuild project to come, and a friend from Orlando was on her way to stay with us for the weekend, so she also came. I ate way too many onion rings, but they were oh-so-good. What is it about greasy food after a race? I tried their chicken walnut salad on a croissant, as did the other girls, and that was delicious. We almost did Yogurtology (LOVE that place), but it was so late we all decided to head home.

No races again until the Claw Run in April. Then no more until summer ends. I'm actually looking forward to the hiatus. Not from running but from racing. I'm keeping up with my goals from the last post, so I'll be running regularly all summer. That will probably be a good time to share old running tales of years past.


  1. I know exactly what you mean about greasy food after a race. It's like anything that you normally wouldn't eat is totally justified because of your exertions. And fair enough too.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who eats bad after races!


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