Reaching for goals

I have a brief update about the goals I outlined a few posts ago.

Today was the fourth day I ran this week. I ran no more than three miles each time, except for one five miler, but I'm still pretty tired today. I took Lance around the park this morning, and he could have gone farther, but I was happy to maintain my goal without worrying about too much distance right now.

The Claw Run is 10 miles, so I'll be increasing the mileage this next week. Running stairs more is also a good way to train for the adventure run because there are several inclines at the race.

I'm glad I could do it (run at least three times this week) and now I'm going to do my push-ups and sit-ups and some weights. Then to the store for food because that meal planning I need to do hasn't been coming along as well.


  1. Meal planning has been a bit of a joke in our house lately. I've been working late every night so the cooking has been left up to my beloved husband who doesn't really cook. So meals have been decided on what's achievable for him.

    Good job on all those runs. And the strength work.


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