Race for the Greys

I had such a pleasant and enjoyable 5K Sunday morning with the Race for the Greys. The only downside was losing that hour of sleep. And, sadly, I didn't bring Lance but ended up wishing I had. Because hubby couldn't come, I wasn't very comfortable running Lance in a race with other dogs. He's never done that before, but I realize now that it would have been fine. Seminole Lake Park is beautiful, and I hope to bring Lance to run the trails another time.

It was a casual and friendly atmosphere. The race began with a volunteer shouting, "Ready, set, go!" after explaining the course. "Follow the yellow ribbons" was pretty much all I heard. The trails in the park did a lot of winding, which I enjoy in a race. I actually passed about five people, which is not the norm for me. I'm usually the one getting passed! I started out slow to see how I would feel, probably an 11-minute mile average to start, and eventually I must have increased to something below 10-min miles because I pretty much finished at 30 minutes on the dot.

My friend, Cate, who volunteers for GPA and recruited me and other friends to the race, did the 1-mile walk with her husband. Hea and her boyfriend, Mike, also ran the 5K and they both did awesome. If anyone wants to support GPA or foster or adopt a greyhound, click on the link. These dogs are retired from Derby Lane, and there might be one just for you!



  1. Neither of my dogs could do a race with other dogs in it. Bubbles just can't run very far with her little legs and Nelson is anti-social and has bad hips. But I'm sure it would have been so much fun seeing all the other dogs out and running. There's nothing quite as joyous as a running dog.

  2. It was so fun seeing the sweet greyhounds! I didn't see many dogs running in the race, but I know Lance would have been fine.


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